Web Shops

UKION Web Shop (e-commerce) will enable you to sell products and services over the internet using credit / debit cards and other internet payment methods like PayPal, 2Checkout, etc. Web Shop has advantages over traditional store trade methods and plenty of possibilities for business presentation and expandability using internet promotions, social networks for further customer expands and other internet marketing possibilities. A list of benefits:

  1. Increased earnings
  2. Decreased business expenses like:
    • Construction/rental, equipment and maintaining the store,
    • Technical investment (there is no need for installation of heat, electricity, water, payment registers etc,
    • Decreased sale and logistic personnel,
    • Reduced cost of supply, distribution and delivery of products and services
  3. Excellent, efficient and targeted promotion of products and services using the unlimited internet marketing opportunities
  4. Working time for Web Shops is 24/7 (it is not time based)
  5. Greater range of customers - customers can be from any part of the world,
  6. Greater availability of the web shop for the customers, compared with physical location of the store,
  7. Additional visits via search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other, which increases the interest and the possibility of purchasing a product
  8. Creating user community – thus will enable to promote a new products and services or discounts to regular customers,
  9. Opportunity for additional purchase of similar or suggestive products alongside planned products, which will increase the total sales, etc.

UKION Web shop can work on any server that supports Apache, PHP, MySQL and SSL certificates for protecting sensitive data like credit card, bank information and customer privacy or you can use our Web Shop optimized hosting solutions.